Video: BLVK CVSTLE – The Process

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The Process is a song that’s about systematic programming, what we see experience, and live is spoon-fed through what we view. We end up falling into a forced narrative not paying attention to what’s being triggered around us. We have a natural right to think, feel, and experience freely and that right comes with our voice through our VOTE. The Lyric video is out on YouTube, the song comes out on Spotify Voting day, Nov 2nd.
BLVK CVSTLE – LA Band who started playing the festival scene 8 years ago, finding experience through the live music community. Playing/collaborating with The Roots, EWF and Camp Freddy, released the fist EP Anthem of Love earlier this year followed by a summer release Righteous Way.  The Production is held by BLVK: Bruno Mars, Rhye, JOJO, Arianna Grande, Macy Gray, Raven Symone.