[URL Summer Madness 3 Drama!!!] Math Hoffa Knocks Out Serius Jones

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Math Hoffa vs Serius Jones | Summer Madness 3 Results & Updates

* Up next.
* Serius Jones came on stage with 3 naked chicks in body paint.
* Crowd’s not really fucking with Serius Jones.
* They haven’t booed him yet, but they aren’t showing him much love.
* Math is yelling “Time!” during Jones’ round.
* Crowd isn’t fucking with him at all, they’d be gone if they weren’t waiting to see what Daylyt does.
* Jones is still rapping though, despite the crowd yelling “Time” on his now too.
* Smack and Jones are arguing about the time limit.
* Jones’ material just came off really out-dated.
* Math started his round with a rebuttal about the topless chicks, crowd loved it.
* Math just took a swing at Serius.
* They started fighting, and Math is rocking him.
* Didn’t even seem like Math had a reason to swing either, Dose all over again.
* Maybe I’m wrong, a few people are saying Jones swung first.
* Either way, Math knocked him out.
* Got a feeling this event is about to be over, and Daylyt’s about to go ballistic.
* And URL probably won’t be booking Stage 48 any more either, smh
* Math bounced as soon as the fight was over.
* Aaaaand it’s official, no JC vs John John or Daylyt vs Swave, event over.
* Daylyt and his boys are not pleased at all, to put it lightly.
* Daylyt’s going off, demanding money, saying they ain’t ever coming to Cali.
* Some shit’s about to pop off for real.
* There’s dozens of Grape Street fools wilding out on Smack right now.
* Sounding more like Serius didn’t swing first like a few people said, everyone’s saying Math had no reason to do it.