Trav Says “SlowBucks Shouldn’t Have Been on 50’s Stage”

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Former G-Unit affiliate Trav came by VladTV headquarters to speak on the altercation involving Slowbucks that went down during 50 Cent’s Summer Jam set.

Trav, who has had public issues with 50 in the past, is also cool with Slowbucks, and made it clear that he was backstage when the altercation occurred and was never touched by anyone. While he is cool with Slow, Trav admitted that Slowbucks should not have been on the stage with 50, given the past history between them. However, Trav doesn’t think that anything would’ve happened to himself if he were on stage instead of Slowbucks, although if anyone did try to rob or beat him, the rapper revealed that he would’ve “snuffed” that person.

Trav doesn’t consider Slowbucks announcing his civil investigation into 50 Cent’s involvement with the robbery to be “snitching.” He does believe, however, that taking legal action and making it public was a bad decision, and stated that he would’ve “kept it in the streets” if he was in Slowbucks’ position.