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Tahiry Jose On Returning To Love & Hip-Hop: “It’s Still A Little 50/50 Chance”
Thursday night, I attended the private VIP Reception for the grand opening of the über-sexy Maranello Restaurant & Lounge in Washington Heights where I ran into Love & Hip-Hop: New York alum, Tahiry Jose. Although VH1 announced in January that they wouldn’t begin shooting for Season 5 of the show until late this year, various members of the cast have been spotted out-and-about in NYC with the network’s cameras over the last few weeks, so I wanted to get whatever ‘scoop’ Tahiry could give me on what has happened so far. But surprisingly, my assumption that the Dominican beauty had begun shooting with the rest of the cast was wrong. “I think currently they have already started filming, yes. Have I started filming? No,” Tahiry told me. “It’s still a little 50/50 chance,” she added about her returning for Season 5.

Despite my best journalistic pushing (or some might just call it nosiness), Tahiry remained mum on why exactly she may or may not be returning to the show. “We’re still trying to figure out certain things – I’ll just leave it at that,” she told me.

TJ2Since Tahiry joined the show in Season 3, a lot of her storyline has revolved around the back-and-forth between her and her ex, Joe Budden. At the end of the last season of the show, it appeared the duo had finally decided to let go and move on from their relationship, but judging by her comments when I broached the subject, I wouldn’t be shocked if they eventually decide to give it one more try. “I spoke to him today. I unblocked him, and I believe…yeah, I don’t know, it’s weird,” she said. “I have nothing to say about that. With Joey and I, I don’t think we could ever be enemies, but, we’ll see. Maybe, maybe not,” she revealed when I asked her, straight up, if she was open to things occurring between the two of them again.

Before parting company, I took a minute to ask Tahiry about her counterparts on the Atlanta version of LHH. Specifically, I wanted to know if she believed Mona Scott-Young had a hand in orchestrating Mimi Faust’s now-infamous sex tape with Nikko Smith like some believe. “I don’t know if Mona had anything to do with it – I know for a fact that all of us, we’re in charge of our own storyline, what happens. The show checks on us almost every day, every week on what’s happening today with us, so I don’t think Mona pushed that situation,” Tahiry explained. “I believe that it was probably something that was happening, and of course it’s happening in every day-to-day people’s lives, and that’s what the show captures,” she said.

Even if she’s done allowing VH1’s cameras to document her day-to-day, Tahiry will remain as busy as ever collecting checks. Along with being part owner of Harlem hotspot Suite 135, the popular urban model is currently promoting her new calendar (Intimacy 2014). She also has two independent films coming out, an upcoming collaboration with Color Club for her own line of nail polish, and is designing a line of jewelry. To keep up with Tahiry and all of her endeavors, be sure to follow her on Twitter @TheRealTahiry.

Bambi Talks Erica Pinkett, Allegations That Scrappy Is Abusive, And Relationship With Malaysia Pargo
We were first introduced to “OG Bambi Johnson” on Season 2 of Basketball Wives: LA, but she’s currently front and center on Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta as the latest love interest of hip-hop’s favorite momma’s boy, Lil Scrappy. If you’ve followed LHHA from the beginning, then you know being Scrappy’s lady isn’t easy, and on this season of the show, craziness does occur in Bambi’s relationship with the “Money in the Bank” rapper.

When I recently caught up with Bambi over the phone, she and I discussed Scrappy’s alleged other woman, Erica Pinkett, allegations that Scrappy is abusive made by his ex, former Crime Mob rapper Diamond, and the current status of her relationship with Malaysia Pargo. Check out highlights from our chat below.


“To be honest, initially when Momma Dee threw the egg thing out there, I was kind of confused ’cause I’m like, you talking about his eggs, and then he talking about he got one egg. And then I’m like, you know, your mom is crazy, but at the end of the day, what’s up with the eggs? It’s gotta be something – I’m pretty sure she didn’t pull this from the sky…who’s she talking about? So at that point, I just knew it was going to be some craziness with him and his momma.”


“He had introduced me to her [as a friend], and as the season goes on, you’ll kind of see everything unfold, but she was just a home girl who stepped out of place, and eventually, she’ll get put back in her place. But at the end of the day, that’s what girls do; they try it, and she tried it.”


“At this point, I don’t think we do know that she’s pregnant. I think people watched the trailer, and didn’t really understand what was going on, but I don’t know if she’s pregnant or not and who the daddy is, but she may be pregnant with an egg, you never know. Birds lay eggs.”


Bambi“You know what, to be honest, she’s taken a lot of shots at me, but I wasn’t even taking shots at her. I don’t even think about her – when I’m making my posts, they don’t have nothing to do with her. ‘Cause I said something about somebody needing a dude to stay relevant. At this point, she’s not even relevant; nobody knows who she is, so that wouldn’t be a shot towards her. It would be somebody who’s trying to stay relevant, you know what I’m saying? So she’s just jumping the gun; she’s just trying to get her little camera time. She’s going to get it, but she’s just gotta relax.”


“Come on man, look at Lil Scrappy, and I don’t really look at him as being abusive. He hasn’t shown any signs of aggression towards me, but it could be that he’s Lil Scrappy and I’m Big Bam? I don’t know. But I have not seen any signs of that. She’s got her own stories and issues, and I know she’s got a reality show coming out, so maybe she’s just trying to drum up interest for her show. But at the end of the day, I have never seen any type of aggression [from Scrappy]. And if he was going to be aggressive towards somebody, it should probably be me because I’m all in his face like all the time, putting my paws on Lil Scra-Nahh-Ee. I don’t know too much about him abusing women – I don’t think he got it in him.”


“I don’t really talk to Malaysia that much anymore because she’s in LA, she’s busy. I’m here in Atlanta; I’m doing my thing, but Malaysia is somebody that I’ve been knowing forever, and my mom talks to her and checks on her a lot. We’re family at this point, so I’ve got siblings that I don’t talk to everyday. You know, we’re not talking a lot right now because we’ve both got a lot going on, but it ain’t no type of love lost. I’ll always love her.”

Be sure to keep up with Bambi by following her on Twitter @AdizBAMBI. Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta airs every Monday night at 8pm.

Erica Mena, Turning Up To Clean Up, And Sex Tapes: Rich Dollaz Gives Us ‘The Scoop’

RDContrary to some of the messy situations he’s been involved in as one of the stars of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop: New York, Rich Dollaz is an astute businessman who I met back when I was toiling away as a lowly assistant in the offices of Interscope Records here in NYC. During the last few seasons of the show, we’ve watched Rich go back-and-forth with Erica Mena and haven’t witnessed much of the business side of the Atlanta native, but when the show returns, that will change.

Currently writing a book on surviving and thriving in the industry that will be released in October, Rich is also working hard on a new liquor brand called 79 Gold. Distributed by Empire, 79 Gold has already moved 10,000 cases and will be in 38 states by the end of the year. The former Bad Boy intern somehow manages to balance all of that with his other ventures, including a budding modeling agency and Lenox Ave Records.

Over the weekend, Rich and I got a chance to catch up during a conversation that covered everything from his relationship (or lack thereof) with Mena, whether or not he feels LHH has tainted his reputation as a businessman, and Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith’s sex tape. Check out the highlights below.


“We started shooting probably a week ago, so we are very fresh into the new season, but we have started shooting already.”


“Rich, Erica, Cyn, Peter, Tara, Amina, Yandy, Mendeecees is back – I don’t really know of anybody else. Oh, a girl named Chrissy; I shot with a girl named Chrissy. That’s all I really know; I don’t know her last name. I don’t know anything about her actually.”


RD2“Nothing. I’ve moved on from last year – I’m in a good place. I’ve got a new girlfriend who I’m bringing on the show this year. I won’t reveal who she is; we’ll leave that up to the imagination, but I’m definitely going to…I’ve got my new liquor that I’m working on, and I’m working on new things. I call it addition by subtraction. I’ve taken Erica out of my life, and I feel like we’ve both served a purpose for one another, so I have nothing negative to say about her, I have nothing negative to say about anybody. I just feel like we all serve a purpose in each other’s lives, and when that purpose is met, then it’s time to move on. At this point in time, do ya’ll really…does the world really want to see Erica and Rich argue again for a full season? I feel like I gave you two seasons of that, that’s over with. Like unless we get married this year, then what are we doing? And we all know that’s not going to happen, so why don’t we just move on? Erica helped me turn up to build the Richie Dollaz brand. I helped Erica turn up to build her Mena Millions brand. So now that we’re both to a point in our lives where we don’t need each other, it’s time for us to separate, and she can maintain her storyline, and I can maintain mine. So why beat you guys in the head with another season of arguing and fussing over sh*t that I don’t even care about in real life?”


“Absolutely not. I think there’s a thin line between turning up and being relevant, and losing your identity. The fact that I’ve got a book coming in October, the fact that I’ve still got a management company, the fact that I’ve still got the record label, the fact that I’ve got the liquor, the fact that I’m doing things with national political parties, that means that I’m not being tainted as a businessman. Now musically, I understand what people say, but listen, when I was at Bad Boy, and I was at Interscope, and I was at Universal, nobody really cared about what Rich Dollaz had to say. Even those first two years when I was managing Olivia, nobody really cared about what Rich Dollaz had to say. And that was because my turn up wasn’t there. I just gave you basic, fundamental principles on how to be successful what I just told you about K [Michelle]. When K was at Jive, nobody really cared about what K was saying. She had records with Missy and was on tour with R. Kelly, and nobody cared. It took her turn up to make people care. So the whole reality world is a give and a take. You give the world you, you give the world your messiness, you give the world your problems in hopes that they connect with you as a person so at some point you can sell them or they care about what you have to offer. That’s what it is at this point; that’s what the world is at this point. In order for the world to care about what Richie Dollaz…my knowledge of the music industry hasn’t changed, but yet you never wanted to do an interview with me before because nobody cared what they guy from Bad Boy had to say; he was just that guy. Now that he’s on television, everybody cares what he has to say. That’s the difference in what’s going on now, and now, if you really do have knowledge and substance, you can go and you can relay to people because now they care about what you have to say.”


RD3“Nah, nah, nah, none of that. See this is the thing – like I said earlier in the interview, there’s a thin line between turning up and losing your identity. I think people often get caught up in the rapture of the television show, and it’s like oh my God, and the next thing you know, you want to be a star, and you’re doing what’s necessary to make yourself relevant and remain relevant without actually looking for longevity. I’ve already turned up; I turned up enough to where people know who Richie Dollaz is. Now it’s time for me to clean up. You turn up, so that you can at some point clean up, because if you don’t clean up, you lose your identity. I don’t know, I don’t knock somebody for how they get their money, so God bless Nikko and Mimi for doing what they’re doing. I hope they make a hundred million dollars off that tape, but I don’t know if that’s something I want to do moving forward in my career because I think that’s a career killer, if you want to be taken seriously as a businessman. You can argue and you can do that kind of stuff, but you can always clean that up. I don’t know if you can clean up a sex tape. That might be going a bit far. I’d like to try to, now, here I am, I’ve had the messiness, now it’s time for me to clean up. I’ve got good business ventures going on – not to say that my life is perfect – and you’ll see that. Obviously, I don’t think that Love & Hip-Hop is going to allow me to make a commercial for my life, so you’ll see that I’ve got some stuff going on, you know, there’s some mishaps, and I’ll make some mistakes and do some thing wrong, but I think overall, it’s time for me to portray my business, and let the world know I’m a businessman at heart.”

“There’s peaks and values in this thing. At some point, you’ve got to say, okay, I’ve reached the pinnacle of messiness. If I were to get any messier, then that really could be damaging. Me and Erica arguing, boyfriend and girlfriend and things of that nature, that’s stuff you can come back from. But once you go over that limit, then you lose your identity, and that’s what a lot of people do in reality TV because there’s a lot of people on the show, people are competitive, they want scenes, they want to be stars, they want to get the attention, so you do stuff that you would probably frown upon in a couple of years. Like, damn, why did I do that? In that moment, I’m trying to get my scenes up, and that’s what I think happened with Mimi. Joseline, Stevie, and that was a big deal on the show, and she was probably in the cut like, I could turn it up. Me and Nikko can turn it up. So they turned it up, and if you watch the show, they’ve definitely come a long way from where they were last year to where they are now. They’re a big deal; they’re the stars of the show now. But in three years, when you look back and you say, damn, should I have done that?”

Be sure to keep up with Rich by following him on Twitter @richdollaz. Love & Hip-Hop: New York, Season 5 is set to premiere later this year.

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