The Breakfast Club Interviews Waka Flocka and Tammy

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– What happened with him and The Game?
– Waka says that no one liked his wife before they heard they broke up.
– Part of who he is today is because of his wife.
– Found himself feeling old when he was hanging out with younger guys.
– He’s 30 now and is thinking differently.
– Waka wants a family, he want that real love.
– What did he do to change things?
– Didn’t realize he had such a big ego.
– How did he get caught cheating?
– What made Tammy finally answer her phone to talk to him?
– Grown men want to live young, he wants to grow and show people he fought for his family.
– How did they explain what has happening to their daughter?
– Did Tammy have to leave him in order for him to have this epiphany.
– He was bombarded on social media people telling him to get his girl back and don’t take the L.
– Who jumped in Tammy’s DM’s?
– What are they going to do differntly now?
– What made him start getting in shape?
– Does he think he inspired Gucci Mane to get in shape?
– Has he spoken to him yet?
– For him to even mess with Gucci Mane he has to show him change. He doesn’t want to go back to his old lifestyle.
– Is Meet The Flockas Happening?
– Tammy knows everything, her fans keep her updated on Waka’s every move.
– Broke up right when Beyonce dropped Lemonade.
– Any truth to the rumor that Tammy is pregnant?
– Plus much more.