The Breakfast Club Interviews Hillary Clinton

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– On having been named Donkey of the Day by Charlamagne she said “I’m a Democrat being donkey of the day is a little bit of a mixed blessing”
– Why has she historically always worn pant suits?
– How did Bill Clinton propose to her? She told him let me think about it at first.
– Did she learn to say Beyonce’s name correctly?
– She always gets in trouble when dancing in public, does she get tired of doing all of these dances?
– Will she try the Run Off On Da Plug Twice dance?
– It comes off as if she’s trying too hard because she is trying too hard. It’s worse to not do it because then you seem like a spoil sport.
– How would her policies affect the average person?
– She wants to build on progress made by President Obama, more jobs with rising income, fix the schools, get the affordable care act to work for everyone, deal with problems with criminal justice system and stand up for our rights and women’s rights.
– Why did she go to South Carolina after law school to examine race and education?
– Does Donald Trump scare her? She thinks he is the Donkey of the decade.
– She’s not a friend of his but she knew him, Bill did play golf with him a few times.
– Does she think there are drawbacks that people know her more than any of the other nominees? “It’s both my strengh and in some people’s eyes my weakness.”
– She thinks Bernie Sanders is over promising
– If she’s fortuanate to be President she invited The Breakfast Club to conduct an interview with her from The White House?
– Discusses her plans for Criminal Justice reform. “There is systemic racism that has to be called out and addressed. ”
– Since several countries doeSn’t treat women equally does she see it being a problem to deal with other leaders?