Rich Dollaz threw a shot at Erica Mena that she’s has slept with over 300 men.

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VladTV caught up with Rich Dollaz on the red carpet of Mona Scott’s holiday party recently, and spoke to him about the recent engagement between Shad Moss and his former lover, Erica Mena.

Rich stated that he hasn’t spoken to Erica in about a year, and wishes her the best in her relationship with Shad. He has no negative feelings about her and stated that if that is what she wants to do, then “God bless her.” For a second, Rich nearly threw a minor jab at Erica over the rumor that she’s slept with over 300 men, but bit his tongue before spewing out the shade. He also spoke about becoming closer with Cyn Santana on the new season of Love & Hip Hop NY.