Louy Fierce (Unsigned Artist)

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Born on Long Island NY, Louy Fierce is a singer/songwriter/producer who shows promise in multiple genres. Being raised in a musical family, he began playing drums and guitar in a number of bands at the young age of 11. In 2010, Louy found the world of hip hop and began creating music from scratch. He gained a core fanbase by releasing a string of 7 free mixtapes, the first of which was “Coming out Swingin’” in 2010. In 2014 Louy released his first full length album entitled “Planet Fierce”. Now he is working on an EP entitled “First Draft” which has more of a melodic, acoustic, alternative sound. The first single from the project “Same Girl” caught a buzz and has fans excited to hear more of this new genre he is exploring. Louy continues to release singles in the Rap and hip hop genre while working on his new EP proving that he is a versatile artist who can adapt to what’s hot as well as staying true to the craft. He has worked with/performed with many artists such as Wax, Watsky, EOM, Chris Webby, Huey Mack, Gotham Green, David Rush, Jamie Drastik, Ted Dillenger and more. In 2014 and 2015 Louy Fierce has grown a large following on Twitter as well as earned a verified badge. Staying independent is what has allowed Louy to release different kinds of music very often. Not only does he produce his own instrumentals, he writes and records everything himself.
OFFICIAL WEBSITE www.louyfierce.com