Lord Jamar: Macklemore Didn’t Deserve 4 Grammys….Calls (Video)

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Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar explains why he doesn’t feel that Macklemore deserved four Grammys, claiming he doesn’t know any “real” hip-hop fans that own Macklemore’s album. When asked about Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q supporting Macklemore, Lord Jamar says “of course” they support it, because they’ve collaborated with the Seattle rapper. On the flip side, Jamar says that Eminem deserved his Grammys, because “he came up worshipping black emcees” and “did the study” of the hip-hop culture.

When Vlad brings up meeting Macklemore before the Grammys and speaking to him about Lord Jamar’s past interviews, it was revealed that the “Same Love” rapper agrees with Lord Jamar on most points, but added that the Brand Nubian rapper’s comments about gays invalidate his other statements. While Jamar doesn’t understand Macklemore’s statement, he points out that Macklemore is able to convey the same message that he brings in his “White Privilege” song, but Jamar believes that white people take offense when he says it.

Lord Jamar speaks more about the Grammys, specifically the gay marriage ceremony during the awards show, calling it an “opportunistic move.” He adds that Macklemore posting his post-Grammys text to Kendrick was “wrong,” because it came from “white guilt,” not a sincere message.