Game Speaks on Meek Mill Beef With ‘The Breakfast Club’

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The Game had a hard time getting to the Breakfast Club this week. On Wednesday there was a bomb scare by his hotel and they shut down the area. Today he got stuck in the elevator for 30 minutes on his way up to our floor but he finally made it and he didn’t hold back when talking about Meek Mill and Sean Kingston.

Watch the interview below to hear all about it as well as the following topics.

– How did he handle being stuck in the elevator?
– Everyone was really impressed how well he could spit on the diss record he released about Meek Mill.
– He wrote the song in New York, he had the same feeling that he felt when he was writing “300 Bars”.
– People always saying he has ghost writers.
– Did he think anything was too far on “Pest Control”?
– Explains what happened with him and Meek Mill.
– Why did Sean Kingston think he had him robbed?
– “92 Bars” was already done, he just changed the end of it to fit the situation.
– He’s glad they they responded so that he could really go at them. with “Pest Control”.
– He dropped that song because they got Beanie Siegel.
– Beanie Sigel going at him hurt his feelings.
– He patched things up with 50 Cent recently.
– He squashed the beef with Lil Durk and Young Thug? How does he choose what to he wants to squash?
– What happened in Miami, did his cars get shot up?
– Him and Meek have to go to a fist fight in order to squash it.
– He thinks Nicki Minaj should stay out of the conflict.
– Where does the beef go from here?
– Would he fight Sean Kingston too?
– New album 1992, has a ton of samples on it. How were they able to clear them all?
– Why did he call his album 1992? What about that year was so memorable for him?
– Plus much more.

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