EXCLUSIVE: The History Behind 50 Cent & SlowBucks!!

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50 Cent Slowbucks

SlowBucks is an urban clothing brand named after 2 friends: a Haitian kid named Winslow & his partner Rodney or Slow & Bucks for short. SlowBucks along with Trav were 50’s friends from Queens who used to run under 50 when G-Unit started and was in Fif’s “In My Hood” video at the :33 clip.

When they eventually formed Slowbucks the clothing line, 50 co-signed cause they were close with him.

50 was also close with TRAV, a G-Unit affiliate and younger brother to one of 50’s friends, Hov. [See Below Photo Of Trav & Hov on Set of ‘I Get Money’]

50videoshoot 001

In mid 2013, 50 was going through some issues with Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. Trav took it upon himself to speak on the issues, and took to twitter and started dissing 50 Cent publicly. 50 was quick to respond.


Trav must have thought 50 was just joking because later that year 50 Cent was in Atlanta at a DJ Conference when he invited, fellow artist Meek Mill on stage. Trav came up on stage with Meek Mill and 50 let it be known that Trav was not welcome. Check out the video of 50 pushing Trav and Bucks breaking it up.

Trav and 50 eventually went their sperate ways. In December 2013, 50 Cent even had SlowBucks perform at his boxing event in Queens. Check out the footage below:

In mid 2014, out of nowhere Trav released a diss video going at 50 Cent. For some reason Bucks decided to make a cameo in the video:

To make matters worst, a few weeks later SlowBucks and Trav posted a photo on Instagram posing with 50 Cent’s son, Marquise. 50 Cent was quick to comment on the photo stating, ‘This Was A Bad Idea.”


On Hot 97, a few days before SummerJam Funkmaster Flex asked 50 Cent how he feels about Trav & SlowBucks, 50 Cent dismissed Trav and responded saying he’s not really feeling Slowbucks right now [See below at 13:00]

Fast forward to June 1st 2014, at Hot 97’s SummerJam, for some reason Slow thought it was a good idea to be on stage while 50 Cent was performing along with G-Unit. Check the video below and watch as Slow gets jumped and robbed for his chain on stage. Check the video below:

2 Days after SummerJam, 50 stopped by Angie Martinez, when asked about the chain incident, 50 denied knowing anything about it.

Four days after the incident takes place, SlowBucks holds a press conference stating that he is starting an investigation into 50 Cent