Chris Brown Speaks To The Breakfast Club About Dislike Of Drake, Rihanna, Disses The Dream + More!

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The Breakfast Club has a conversation with Chris Brown. Says him and Drake aren’t friends and Karruchee or Rihanna can’t do better than him as far as dating in the music industry said Rihanna had to get with Leonardo Dicaprio because she couldn’t date a corny, singing rapper (Drake), says the only reason the media won’t forgive him the way they forgave Justin Bieber is because Bieber is white, says when it causes to trouble 50% he causes on himself the other 50% is media propaganda, says he doesn’t want to get married he just wants to have babies, replies to Dream saying R&B singers like Chris act like rappers, says the Dream seems mad that he can’t do what he does, maybe chicks don’t flock to Dream like they do him and Trey, says maybe Dream shouldn’t be an artist and just write and more!!!