Charlamagne Says Jay Electronica Needs More Music to Call Out J. Cole & Drake

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Earlier this year Jay Electronica announced that J.Cole and Drake, two of the biggest artists out right now, can’t compete with his bars, which Charlamagne doesn’t entirely believe.

The Breakfast Club co-host told VladTV that he would respect Jay Electronica’s statement more if he put out more work, and he added that J. Cole has proved that he has bars that can step to the “Eternal Sunshine” emcee. Charlamagne explained, “I love Jay Electronica. I think he’s dope, but all I’m saying is that if you’re going to call out people you gotta be more active. You gotta compete.”

The “Charlamagne & Friends” star also clarified that he never had a problem with Jay Electronica saying,”You might be the 6 God, but I am the God,” which Charlamagne said he agreed with.