Cassidy Says “$30k-$40k to Battle Ain’t About Nothing”

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Cassidy spoke with Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about the progression of Battle Rap in this exclusive clip from his interview with VladTV.

Cassidy began by acknowledging that he believes Battle Rap should get more recognition from mainstream audiences and even potentially be acknowledged in awards shows at some point. He respects everything that the combatants and league owners have done to help the culture grow, but also revealed that it would take a lot to get him back in the ring.

Cassidy won’t battle just anybody, and would be most interested in facing a fellow MC who has successful songs out in mainstream Hip-Hop just like him, otherwise the chances of him battling again are slim. He also stated that if Battle Rap became an official pay-per-view sport on TV then he would be interested as well. Cassidy believes that the work he put in years ago has had a direct effect on the battles that occur presently and the growth of the sport as a whole.

Cassdy made one particularly interesting comment near the end of the interview when he said that getting paid $30k-$40k to battle “ain’t about nothing,” even though Loaded Lux getting paid $40k was a monumental step forward for the sport and those who participate in it.