Adrien Broner Says He’s Voting For Donald Trump & Talks Turning Down $40 Mil From Roc Nation

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– Did he get robbed in New York?
– Rick Ross teaching him the business and wants him to be successful.
– Why did he throw the money in Walmart?
– Why he supports Donald Trump?
– Why is he on Instagram acting like a rapper holding guns?
– He needs protection in Cincinnati so he needs to have guns.
– Why did he weight in heavy for his last fight?
– He has outgrown the weight class and is going up in weight.
– He didn’t need a co-sign from Floyd, he was already world champion in 3 world classes by the time he met him.
– He’s not as rich as Floyd but certainly not broke.
– Why did he lose to Marcos Maidana?
– Does he regret turning down $40 mil from Roc Nation
– Why did he never sign with TMT?
– What’s his relationship with Bob Arum?
– He has outgrown his city, he has to move out of Cincinnati and leave the street life behind. – He does not regret anything.
– It’s time to stop all of the wildstuff and focus on boxing.
– Plus much more.