Sneakers: Jordan “Infared 6’s” drop this coming Black Friday..

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Infared 6

Despite these dropping on Black Friday don’t expect a sale on the Jordan classic Infared 6’s. Sneaker heads all over the nation are on alert and are prepping for the 2-3 days over night sleepovers to be the first in line to caap. Despite the freezing cold temps in most parts of the nation expect there to be a mass hysteria for the Infareds. Be ready to pay a hefty price if you aren’t able to get them from your local footlocker cause the prices sky rocket as soon as they’re in the hands of sneaker re-sellers. I myself was a sneaker head but I found my self selling most of the 600-700 pairs I owned saying to myself “wtf am I going do with all these kicks” but that’s just me. Good luck to all sneaker heads this coming Turkey day holiday. I’m sure these will split a lot homes for their turkey dinner… lmfao

Infared 6II

Infared 6III