Redman Says He Ranks Eminem Up There with Biggie and Nas

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Though some of your favorite rappers have repeatedly mentioned Redman as their top emcee, the Brick City spitter remains humble as he is genuinely proud of their ongoing success in the rap game. “It just shows me that I did my job,” he expressed.

Artists such as Ludacris and Eminem call Redman a favorite, and Em even went as far as to mention him on his “‘Till I Collapse” track back in 2002. Redman stated that he undoubtedly feels the same way towards the Detroit legend. “I rank him up there with Jay Z, Biggie and Nas,” he began. “So for me and him to feel the same way it’s just a level of respect that we both did our thing in the game and we take this hip-hop culture serious.”

Redman understands that hip-hop has taken a sharp turn from where it used to be back in the day, so for hip-hop fans who “are reaching out to find that little, special something,” he promises to keep the essence alive. “My secret is going against the grain,” he reveals when asked how he has remained relevant. “I don’t know it all. I know how my era run but we[‘re] in a new world now. And you gotta learn to switch with the times.”

The legendary act also speaks to the artists in this day and age whose careers don’t seem to be taking off without naming names. “For those people that work hard and really don’t get anywhere, they need to change direction,” Redman advises. “They need to change their circle and they need to change their people.” Catch what else he had to say in the clip.