Lil Eazy-E Tears Up as He Recalls Final Moments with Father Before His Death

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Eric Lynn Wright, Jr. – also known as Lil Eazy-E – had a lot to share with DJ Vlad as he detailed his life up until his father’s untimely passing. The two shared an extremely close bond and Eazy-E’s junior didn’t hesitate when asked about their trips to Disneyland and the times he’d get approached in school due to his father’s legacy. “Those things didn’t dawn on to me ’til we were out in public and I [saw] people’s reactions,” he remembered.

Things took a grave turn in Lil Eazy-E’s life after his grandmother informed him of his father being “sick like Magic Johnson.” Him and the rest of Eazy’s loved ones sat in the hospital for days as they watched him lose his ability to speak once fluid filled his lungs. “Then when he came out he went without talking to having tubes in his mouth and I went to see him and [it was] really more so just him kind of crying and me crying,” he recalled while fighting back tears. “Couple of days later they tell me he died.”

Watch as Lil Eazy-E opens up about the revelation of his dad’s additional children and more