Casanova Speaks On Taxstone, Being Locked Up With A$AP Rocky, Working With Chris Brown & More

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Brooklyn rapper Casanova dropped by to discuss his imprisonment, his link to Taxstone, Chris Brown and the following topics:

– Being a street dude and finding music, turning his life around

– Talks an incident at Powerhouse when he acted wild on stage which led him to be banned from The Breakfast Club

– Doing a 7 year bid, showering with a bucket of water

– Signing through Memphis Bleek’s label Bleek’s Warehouse through Roc Nation

– Switching up his criminal mindset and finding honest ways to make money

– Describes the last time he committed a crime to lead him to get locked up for 7 years

– Meeting a young A$AP Rocky in prison, showing him the ropes and holding him down

– Tells the story of how he reconnected with A$AP years later, not recognizing him as a celebrity

– Connecting with Chris Brown, unexpectedly playing shows with him and recording with him

– His relationship with Taxstone, coming up with the title ‘Be Safe Tho’ for his podcast

– Being with Tax the night he was arrested, feeling responsible for his imprisonment

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