Angela Rye Speaks On ISIS Taunting Trump, Bill O’Reilly’s Harassment Suit, Maxine Waters & More

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Angela Rye returns to The Breakfast Club to update us on what’s happening in politics and discusses the following topics:

– Speaks on French Montana’s ‘Nappy Head’ comments that upset black women on Twitter

– Bill O’Reilly’s comments toward Maxine Water’s hair

– Sexual harassment allegations that Bill O’Reilly is facing, and how Fox and it’s advertisers are responding

– Donald Trump coming to his defense

– Trump’s ties to Russia

– What’s significant about the missing girls in Washington DC

– Angela Rye’s relationship with Maxine Waters, working under her and building a friendship from that

– ISIS’s statement toward Trump, and how Trump holding office will continue to put our country in a bad place

– The actual probability of Trump getting impeached during his presidential term

– Expanding her own platform onto a TV show and podcast

– What we know about Michael Flynn and his conversations with Russia

– Kendall Jenner’s controversial Pepsi commercial

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